If you’re tired of sorting through vague YouTube videos on how to write copy & find clients…

You can get everything you need to write compelling copy, position yourself as an expert, and become the copywriter clients will pay premium rates for.


All the “gurus” make freelancing sound easy, but the truth is…

  • It’s hard to find clients, and you don’t know where to look besides UpWork and Fiverr.
  • When you book discovery calls, clients can’t afford you (or just don’t want to pay).
  • Even if you get a client, you don’t know how to write the copy. You feel nervous and unprepared.
  • It feels like you’ve tried everything, but aren’t making progress.
  • You’ve tried YouTube videos and Facebook groups, but only get generic answers to your questions.

What you need is…

  • Actionable advice on how to find clients (and attract them) so you don’t have to spend anymore time on freelancing platforms.
  • Insight on how to pre-qualify clients so you know if they can afford you before investing time on a call.
  • Detailed video lessons, scripts, and templates, that show you exactly how to perform each step in the copywriting process.
  • Specific insight on writing copy for different formats like websites, emails, sales pages, and ads.
If that’s you, I CAN HELP…

Copyland teaches everything you need to know about copywriting, without leaving information gaps. You’ll learn how to write high-converting copy and book projects for $1K+ without using platforms like UpWork or Fiverr.

“I have taken other courses before, but yours filled in the gaps I didn’t understand.
Showing us how to do a video to explain our process to prospects, find leads, network, etc. has given me more confidence in my business.”

Kimberly Green, Founder, AlefTav Virtual Services™


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