Everything you need to start a profitable copywriting business.

Learn how to write compelling copy, find ideal clients, and get prospects to say “yes” with this comprehensive course.



A self-paced course that teaches copywriters how to write compelling copy and find ideal clients step-by-step.

Copyland teaches everything you need to know about copywriting, without leaving information gaps. You’ll learn how to write high-converting copy and book projects for $1K+ without using platforms like UpWork or Fiverr.

“It’s not often that you find an individual with such talent that also has such a genuine heart – but that is just who [Jo] is.”

Abbey Ashley, CEO, The Virtual Savvy

What’s Inside…

Module 1: The Basics Of Copywriting

If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll never feel lost in this course because I teach everything you need to know from the start. If you’re a mid-level writer, you can skip the entry-level lessons and jump right into the meat of the course.

Module 2: Marketing Stuff Every Copywriter Should Know

Learning new marketing principles can be overwhelming for new copywriters, but I break down complex topics into simple terms. You’ll learn about sales funnels, the customer buying journey, and how to write copy that speaks to readers based on who they are. This is the key to writing copy that’s persuasive enough to sell, and you’ll know exactly how to do it like a seasoned copywriter.

Module 3: Research 101 (Prepping For Your Copy Project)

You’ll learn how to do research that turns into high-converting copy. You’ll get video lessons and templates showing you exactly what to do, what questions to ask, and where to look to find the information you need. This research will equip you to confidently write what your ideal customer wants to hear. When you follow my process, you’ll be able to defend your copy to clients by backing up everything you write with research.

Module 4: Introduction To Writing

You’ll get a step-by-step process of what to do once you start writing. You’ll never stare at a blank page wondering what to write because I’ll give you all the templates and instructions you need to turn your research into the best copy you’ve ever written.

Module 5: Brand Voice 101 (How To Sound Like Your Clients)

This module will give you an easy-to-follow framework for pin-pointing how your client talks, so your copy sounds exactly like them.

Module 6: How To Write Web Pages That Convert

You’ll learn how to write copy for websites, landing pages, and sales pages. I’ll give you my Simple Sales Page Method™ template and signature M.E.S.H.™ framework for writing web pages that convert. You’ll also get a live writing tutorial where I put the frameworks into practice so you know exactly how to use them. You can use these frameworks to land projects starting at $2,000-$5,000 and up.

Module 7: How To Write Emails That Convert

You’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to write sales emails and weekly newsletters. You can use these lessons to offer email copywriting services earning $1,500 or more per email sequence.

Module 8: How To Write Social Media Copy That Converts

Learn how to apply the copywriting principles you learned to short-form copy like Facebook Ads and social media posts. You’ll get a live walkthrough of an actual ad I wrote for this course so you know how to apply what I teach.

Module 9: The Business Of Copywriting

Most courses teach you how to specialize in a skill or how to set up your business and find clients, but Copyland will teach you both! We’ll cover how to start your business from scratch, my signature client process, how to create a portfolio (even if you don’t have writing samples), pricing your services, and more. You’ll get live walkthroughs of how to find high-quality clients (without UpWork or Fiverr) and exactly what to say in your pitch. You’ll get live examples of me writing pitches as well.

BONUS: The Expert Series

This bonus module includes lessons from guest experts to help you with various aspects of your business that aren’t covered elsewhere. You’ll get insight on topics like how to get hired by an ad agency, how to make your brand look high-end, and more!

You also get these downloadable resources…

  • Virtual Copy Research Binder
  • Interview Questionnaire Master
  • Surveys u0026amp; Polls Sample Questions
  • Headlines u0026amp; Formulas Cheat Sheet
  • Brand Voice Discovery Worksheet
  • Copywriting Brief Template
  • Web Page Copy Cheat Sheet
  • My signature web page framework
  • Simple Sales Page Method™ Template
  • Email Sequence Planner
  • Speed Research Checklist For Short Form Copy
  • Ad Copy Template
  • Real Portfolio Example
  • Copywriting Rates Cheat Sheet
  • Client Experience Checklist
…and more!
Bonus Training

Live LinkedIn Tutorial

In this live tutorial, you’ll learn how I use LinkedIn to find high-quality leads. I walk you through each step on video so you know exactly how to apply the information. You’ll also get LinkedIn Scripts For Copywriters™, with 10 of my best-performing LinkedIn pitches. You can copy my exact wording and customize it with your information!

Expert Interviews

Copyland students get exclusive access to expert interviews that you won’t find anywhere else. I interview other successful copywriters and entrepreneurs, asking them the in-depth questions you want to know so that you can grow in your business.

Meet your mentor

Hey, I’m Jo

Three years ago I started a virtual assistant business, but I was exhausted trying to hit my income goal with $20/hr jobs. I had to work nearly 40 hours a week to make a decent income, and that defeated the purpose of working from home with my kids.

I taught myself how to write conversion copy, and realized that copywriting was more lucrative than the blog writing and social media services I offered. I decided to niche into copywriting and more than doubled my income. In spite of increasing my rates, my clients don’t bat an eye because I target the ones who can afford me.

Inside Copyland, you’ll learn my process for copywriting and landing ideal clients, so you can do the same.

Inside Copyland, I teach copywriters how to book projects for $1,000+ with ideal clients, without using platforms like UpWork or Fiverr.

You’ve invested in other courses, but you never learned the skills you need to deliver results…

After all the investments you made, you’re struggling to make even $1K a month from your business.

Now you can learn the strategy I’ve used to book $5K projects and get the same results for yourself!

Here’s the truth…

Watching free tutorials on YouTube and binging blog posts might cover surface-level topics…but it won’t teach you the deeper strategies you need to book projects for $1K+.

If you want to develop the copy skills that actually get clients real results and justify higher rates…you have to understand the process behind writing persuasive copy that resonates with your client’s audience.

The kind of copy that makes readers feel like you read their minds and makes your clients more profitable.

That’s what you’ll learn inside Copyland.
1,000 +
Freelancers coached to dATE

“I have taken other courses before, but yours filled in the gaps I didn’t understand.
Showing us how to do a video to explain our process to prospects, find leads, network, etc. has given me more confidence in my business.”

Kimberly Green, Founder, AlefTav Virtual Services™

I’ll teach you to write copy that gets feedback like this 👇

Jo is an expert craftsmen of copywriting. Whether it’s a 30-email launch sequence, a catchy headline, or a technical tutorial, she excels at them all. She never runs out of ideas. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen her draw a blank. 😆 If you need a copywriter who knows this craft inside and out and is a pleasure to collaborate with, Jo is your girl.
Katie Day
CMO, The Virtual Savvy
I loved how concise and detail oriented Jo was. I could tell that she went above and beyond in doing research so that she could get the messaging in my emails perfectly. She also made sure to send detailed videos explaining the emails she sent and the different ways I could utilize them. It’s so hard to find someone that you can trust to get your message across accurately, and Jo did that and so much more. She navigated me along the way, gave me advice when she didn’t have to, and made sure that I understood exactly the way she worked. I trust her 100% to do an amazing job with any client she takes on.
Inbal Claudio
Founder, Like Minded Collective

What other freelancers are saying…

Jo is amazing at what she does. She speaks with professionalism and keeps you engaged. Copywriting is not my strength, so learning it from someone who takes the time to teach it in a way that allows me to see the value of the skill first is super important. Thanks, Jo for making something that seemed boring and extremely difficult, doable and fun!

Jacquelyn Lopez

It’s rare to come across a truly exceptional creative mind like Jo. As a copywriter, she is not only brilliant in her field, but she is also a fantastic resource because of her knowledge and expertise. I’ve found Jo to be a selfless person who is always looking out for the best interest of others.


She makes it a point to know her field of work well, she’s great at working with people and making them feel comfortable, and she always delivers results. She’s one of the most professional people I’ve met in the biz.

William Ketchum

Jo is one of the hardest working young professionals I know. In one years time she accomplished at least 2 major goals that I know were set for her online business as well as personal goals for her writing career. While working within industries that are often based on who you know, Jo disregards the theory by creating her own lanes and allowing her work ethic to speak for itself. This has allowed many well known companies, major publications, and successful independent entities to take notice of a next generation business owner: Jo!

Oliver Brian

The difference between Copyland and other courses…

Built For Beginners

I simplify complex concepts and make them easy to apply. You’ll never feel lost because everything I teach is simple enough for a beginner, but comprehensive enough to help even mid-level writers.

Real Strategies

I teach the exact principles I use in my copywriting business. The downloadable resources you get are the EXACT ones I use for my clients.

Live Tutorials

I don’t just tell you what to do, I also show you exactly how to implement it. You’ll get live video tutorials where you see what I teach put into action so you never feel lost.

Other coaches stop working with clients to teach, but give students outdated strategies that worked for them years ago.

The problem with that is the industry is always changing…

Since I teach what’s getting results in my agency (not just “theories”), you can be confident that you’re learning up-to-date information that’s actually going to work. I don’t use annoying tactics or sleazy selling methods to write copy. I teach copywriting that’s authentic and backed by research.

After finishing Copyland, you’ll always be able to defend your copy to clients because it won’t be from your own head. You’ll be able to show clients your research, and explain why you made the decisions you made in your copy. This will multiply your confidence and your client’s trust.

“Without Jo’s help, I would have spent months gathering information for my business that she taught me within weeks!”

Sam Dorilus, Virtual Assistant

Ready to become a confident, profitable copywriter?

When you join Copyland, you can apply what you learn right away and potentially cover your investment with just one client. That means once your business is generating revenue, the course pays for itself. (In the course, you’ll learn exactly how to find and book clients)

*Copyland is backed by a 5-day money-back guarantee. Buy with confidence and try it risk-free. If it’s not for you, email us at [email protected] for a no-hassle refund.*

One time Payment
  • 10 Video Training Modules
  • 15+ Templates & Downloadable Resources
  • Bonus Interviews With Industry Experts
  • Live LinkedIn Tutorial
  • Business Of Copywriting Training Module
  • Lifetime Access
Four Payments
  • 10 Video Training Modules
  • 15+ Templates & Downloadable Resources
  • Bonus Interviews With Industry Experts
  • Live LinkedIn Tutorial
  • Business Of Copywriting Training Module
  • Lifetime Access
Seven Payments
  • 10 Video Training Modules
  • 15+ Templates & Downloadable Resources
  • Bonus Interviews With Industry Experts
  • Live LinkedIn Tutorial
  • Business Of Copywriting Training Module
  • Lifetime Access

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