For freelancers struggling to get clients and tired of having their pitches ignored…

Join the step-by-step workshop that shows you how to find clients and craft your pitch.

All the “gurus” make freelancing sound easy, but the truth is…

  • Getting clients feels hard
  • Many tutorials tell you what to do…but not how to do it
  • You’ve tried cold pitching, but it wasn’t successful
  • You don’t know where to even find clients to pitch to

What you need is…

  • A simple framework for quickly writing cold pitches that don’t sound sleazy, pushy, or annoying
  • Guidance on finding clients in your niche
  • Step by step instructions for making every pitch personal

Join my cold pitch workshop for freelancers…

An actionable, step-by-step training where you watch me find clients and craft a personalized pitch, while you follow my steps and “work with me.”

What’s included…

Step-by-Step Video Training
I’ll walk you through how I find leads on Google so you know exactly how to search for clients and find contact information. I’ll share my screen and explain each step, so you can search for clients along with me.
Cold Pitch Email Template 2.0 [Expanded]
You get a word-for-word copy of the email templates I use to find copywriting clients. With the video training, you’ll know exactly how to customize the template. 

Cold Pitch Lead Tracker
You’ll get a lead tracker spreadsheet so you can organize all your leads and know exactly who you need to follow up with.

100 Client Niches For Freelancers
Never run out of businesses to pitch to with this curated list. I give you 100 business niches that you can use to find clients in your area. 
you also get this bonus…

LinkedIn Scripts For Copywriters™

10 customizable templates using the exact wording from my best performing LinkedIn pitches. Each script can be customized to your specific freelance service.

“I truly believe without Jo’s help, I would have spent months gathering information for my business that she taught me within weeks!”

Sam Dorilus, Virtual Assistant

“It’s not often that you find an individual with such talent that also has such a genuine heart – but that is just who [Jo] is.”

Abbey Ashley, CEO, The Virtual Savvy

Get the exact cold pitch strategy copywriters learn inside my signature course, Copyland.

A $97 value, yours today for only $37

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