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What Lindsay said:

“I loved how interactive your training was! The examples and small exercises in each module helped to keep my team members engaged and ensure they were gaining a true understanding of all the concepts.”

Empower your audience with a talk on copywriting, email marketing, or faith-based business…

Your audience doesn’t need another “hype woman”…

People are suffering from information overload and are inundated daily with shiny new objects, they’re ravenously craving more authenticity. They’re not looking for a self-proclaimed “guru” to hype them up, but someone who leads with empathy and transparency, and teaches strategies that are organic, sustainable, and actionable. If that sounds like what you need for your event, let’s talk about how I can serve your audience. I’m available for bookings at your live event, private training, or podcast.

Conversion copywriting

Whether it’s private training for your team, an in-person event, or a media interview, I can share powerful, actionable insight to help your audience be more profitable through their copy and brand message. I’ll share insider secrets so they never struggle with words for their copy again.

Email Marketing

Does your audience want to learn how to build a list of targeted email subscribers who engage and convert? Email is the primary method I use to bring in revenue for my business. I’ll draw from my experience and share email marketing strategies that will increase their profitability.

Faith-Based Business

Are you looking for a Christ-centered speaker who will edify your audience both spiritually and professionally? I’d be honored to share a Christ-centered message at your next event.


Hey, I’m JO…

I’m a busy mom who helps entrepreneurs of faith increase their income by building authority, increasing their rates, and providing exceptional value to their clients.

After having my first child, I started an online business. The problem was, that I had to work through weekends, holidays, and my maternity leave just to hit a decent income. I was burned out by low-paying gigs and wondered if my business could be sustainable.

After writing copy in-house for Inc 5000 company, The Virtual Savvy, I started my own agency. I used a new strategy and multiplied my rates by nearly 20X over. These are the same strategies I teach in The Virtual Mama community, helping other service providers avoid my mistakes and become confident experts so they’re never begging for clients.

When I’m not coaching other service providers, I’m writing copy and working on funnel strategies for multi-6 & 7-figure businesses.

That’s the expertise I’ll pull from to help your audience reach the next level of growth in their professional career.

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